Best 5 Part-time Work To Do In Your College Life

College days can be very weird. Despite being an adult, you still have to function with limited pocket money. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

This idea gives rise to several logical questions, What part-time job would be suitable for me? Will it be flexible? Will I be able to manage it alongside my college schedule? Is it mandatory to have experience? What will be the pay scale? Etc.

Don’t you worry! This article here is exactly what you need. Keep scrolling through this article for a better understanding of the part-time jobs available for college-goers. It will help you shortlist jobs according to your expertise, location, and comfort.

Keep scrolling through the article to find out more on the topic.

5 Popular Part-time Jobs For College Goers

Do you know? One of the major characteristics of a part-time job is that, the working hours are super flexible. Along with that, a part-time job is your ultimate resort to bring home, easy money. It is one of the most convenient options to earn some extra pennies.

 Apart from the notable benefits that a part-time job will offer you, there are several other things, that you should consider before starting one. The following are:

*Consider the location. Make sure that the working location is not too far away from your campus. The distance might clash with your class schedule.

*Make sure that the person hiring you is aware of your situation.

*Select a job that will not hamper your academic ability. 

Here’s presenting the 5 best part-time jobs for college goers:

1. Event Planning

Event planning is no rocket science. All you need to have is amiability, patience, network, communication and some great management skills. Your job role will include planning events for those busy personalities who do not have time to plan their own events. 

Them having a busy schedule is a blessing for you, because their busy schedule will give you an extra part-time job option. Both on-site and remote working options are. After all your job is to plan, not to organize.  

2. Working At The Grocery Store

Working in a reputed grocery store can be a good part-time job option. All you need to have is a basic knowledge of the products that are available in a grocery store. Along with that few other basic skills, like customer service, amiability, patience, fast calculation skills, and a smile on your face.

There are different roles available at a grocery store, namely, a salesperson, a grocery shopper, a cashier, a meat cutter, and a cargo loader. Your wage might range somewhere around $9-$16, per hour, depending on your role.

3. On-Campus Job Positions

This is one of the easiest possible part-time job options, that you can avail yourself of, as a college goer. This will open so many avenues for you. You will be able to engage in multiple job roles and earn money from each one of them.

Most importantly, the location would not interfere with your academic performance or your class schedule. It will also help you develop a better network for your career, alongside working with your friends.

The job roles include, library associate, teaching assistant, tutor, campus tour guide, resident ambassador, etc. And your wage might range from somewhere around $11.85- $21.31 per hour.

Taking up a job on campus can provide you with extra credit that will provide some assistance towards your education expenses. 

4. Freelancing

Freelancing is another popular job option, that can be considered both for part-time as well as full-time job options. Some people even call it the gig economy. The best part of freelancing is that you will have full control over your working hours.

The sky is your limit. You can convert anything into your freelancing business. Be it a hobby that you have, some talent or expertise, or anything under the sun. Remember to tally with the market rates for that particular service while coming up with your rate chart. 

You can be babysitting, selling your handmade stuff online, ticket booking in VRBO and Hotwire, petsitting, tutoring, etc. While your per-hour rates might range somewhere around $15.23-$21.31 on the basis of your role, expertise, and location.

5. Restaurant Services

Another popular part-time job option is accessible to college-goers. There are a plethora of job opportunities in the restaurant service industry. The job roles usually include a waiter, a bartender, a host, a stand-up comedian, or maybe someone who performs live music.

There are many students who work in the food services sector during peak seasons. The wage range per hour will be $10.17- $11.74, along with tips.


I sincerely hope that the above article was somewhat helpful to you. With the aforementioned job options, I am certain that you will definitely be able to pick one. Or else, you can simply watch ads using eehhaaa app, and earn money.

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