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Are you in search of exciting applications that allow you to stream live TV on your Android mobile phone? This is the reason DigitBin has created a list of the best streaming apps that are completely free to download for Android gadgets. The majority of these applications don’t play TV programs directly on their server rather, they search web directories for streams of TV channels via the internet.


Many prefer to watch the live stream on Android devices since they can remain up-to-date on their favorite shows, regardless of whether they are moving. This is particularly the case for people who love TV shows from all over the globe and would like to stay up-to-date with the latest news, sports events, and a broad selection of entertainment choices. For instance, the majority of people prefer online applications like NT TV APK to get access to a wide range of channels, such as shows that are well-known or games as well as trailers for films that are extremely useful for those who have time off.

GHD Sports APK

Yes, distraction is an integral part of our daily lives. When we’re tired from daily routines, everybody tries to relax their mind and body. There are plenty of ways to make the most of the enthusiasm of a person. For example going for a walk in the parks, fishing time at libraries, and reading books.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV App is a multi-purpose entertainment app that hosts more than 700 live streams with movies VOD, TV shows, and Live Sports and the most popular programming from 8 countries. The service is cost-free. It’s so easy and easy to access that users will be in awe.

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Are you seeking live US streaming, OLA TV is the best alternative to streaming live from TV stations throughout the US and Canada on your smartphone. In addition, you can stream TV channels from Spain, Germany, the USA, or Italy in addition to other countries. They cover many different topics like general, kids’ movies and news, sports, music, religion, and others.


It allows streaming of satellite – and UK-based channel TV. TVC offers an Internet television service that lets you watch streaming for free UK channels. TVC broadcasts BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, and ITV along with additional channels. It is built on ads that play before the screen and are available completely free.


AOS TV could be described as a free live TV application that lets users view no-cost television channels on Android devices. It promises to provide more than 1000 channels. The interface is easy to use, just search for your favorite channel that you would like to stream, and then discover a range of links under the player.

TV Tap

TV Tap Live TV can be described as an application that is well-known for its ability to broadcast live television, films, and other programming to your Android gadget. It offers more than 90 channels in European Countries, which includes those from the Indian Subcontinent, the US, and Canada.


Kodi is not designed as a live streaming software for streaming, however, it’s instead it is a media center that you can connect to various repositories of files and stream free movies, free TV programming, and much more. It is possible to add the IPTV extension called”cloud” TV onto Kodi.

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JioTV Live Sports Movies Shows

It is among the most viewed Live TV app on Android. JioTV provides. JioTV has more than 400 channels including sixty HD channels, which cover 15 categories and 10 languages.

Plex Live TV

Contrary to other games in the below list, this could require more effort to get operational, but the effort is well worth it. With over 80 live streaming channels as well as the ability to record your favorite shows, the Chromecast casting capabilities provide an enjoyable experience for viewers.

Yupp TV Live TV!

Beginning you will be able to watch live TV for free due to the no-cost sign-up bonuses and other giveaways. Also, you can benefit from the program to invite friends and fill an account in the Yupp Wallet with cash in order to stream TV shows for free.


Hotstar can be described as the leading content provider of foreign and local content for India. It runs on an approach of freemium which includes free content, as well as advertisements and premium content if you subscribe to the annual service.

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