Artificial Intelligence Is The New Future of Digital Marketing

What is AI in Digital Marketing?

AI technology is helping businesses around the world improve the efficiency in their operations. It has also revolutionised the world of digital marketing by making the efforts of digital marketers more data-based and targeted. This further improves greatly the chances of them launching a highly successful digital campaign.

Businesses employ AI based digital marketing to collect data from a plethora of sources and use the same to obtain very sharp insights on the behaviour of their customer. It lets them know what their needs and preferences are, which again helps them in personalising the online experiences of their customer, without spending too much money or effort.

One of the examples of AI in digital marketing is when a person shops online on a e-commerce website like Amazon or eBay. These websites provide them with on-point personalized product recommendations using AI-driven Machine Learning technology. The AI-ML technology combines the preferences of the customer along with their purchase and browsing history to make these recommendations.

AI in digital marketing also helps in predicting rather accurately what the customer’s next move is going to be, and implements automated decision-making. It thus helps businesses of all sizes in create more successful digital marketing strategies and clock more sales.

The Top 4 Benefits of AI in Digital Marketing

AI due to its powerful ability to analyse data more efficiently is rapidly replacing humans when it comes to identifying the key trends in online marketing. Read on to learn about the prime advantages of using AI tools for digital marketing.

1. It’s a More Cost-Effective Solution

AI in digital marketing provides businesses more value for money. It not only cuts the need to involve many employees in the various stages of digital advertising, but also fetches more revenue by maximizing the conversion rates of their digital campaigns.

2. Creates Personalised Experiences for Customers

The modern customer expects a personalised experience when purchasing products and services from online portals. AI helped business deliver a more personalized experience to their customers, thereby leading to better customer retention rates.  Automated emails, highly targeted social media and ad campaigns are some examples of AI based personalisation.

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3. Improves Reach to the Right Audience

One of the best advantages businesses obtain when they automate digital marketing is they can easily target their content to people who are actually interested in their product and services. AI by advanced technologies such as recommendation engine to identify potential customers and displays their ads to them at a more effective timing.

Platforms like Facebook and Google use highly advanced ML technology to continually present ads and increase the chances of conversion.

4. Enables Enhanced Performance Tracking

AI enables brands to measure how effective their content for digital marketing is using predictive analysis. It can provide predictions of both larger scale such as the forecast of industry trends or smaller scale predictions such as the performance of a post on Facebook in terms of engagement.

AI helps track the performance of a content by helping businesses understand:

  1. Why is the content doing well?
  2. Figure out the KPI (Key performance indicators) of the content.
  3. Learn which platform yields better results for the content.

How is AI used in Digital Marketing

The AI market is transforming everything, and its hardly a surprise that the worldwide AI market is expected to grow to $267 billion by 2027. Here are some of the major applications of AI in online marketing:

1. AI Based Content Marketing

AI helps content developers create more efficient content for digital marketing by leveraging tools that deliver data backed insights. Additionally, it provides continuous feedback, which the marketers can use to ensure that their efforts fetch the expected results.

The following points sum up how AI tools help content marketing:

  1. Write social media posts to achieve optimum results.
  2. Create blog posts based on data insights to achieve higher SEO rankings.
  3. Deliver customized emails and website content with higher conversion rates.
  4. Check the effectiveness of the landing pages by using A/B testing
  5. Find the right keywords to use in content.
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2. Chatbot Services

AI chatbot services help businesses increase their customer engagement in a significant way. You may have noticed how most prominent businesses have implemented chatbots in their websites, emails, mobile apps, text messages.  Here’s how these chatbot are helping the businesses.

  1. They help businesses to get in touch with their customers and solve their queries.
  2. They answer the most commonly asked questions by the customers.
  3. They assist the business collect valuable leads through mechanisms such as collecting feedback, or asking the opinion from the customer.

3. Enhanced Targeting

Marketing experts know how important it is for them to know their customers in order to persuade them into buying something. AI when combined with predictive consumer segmentation, virtual assistants, intelligent design helps business to achieve personalise customer experiences like never before. AI is slowly replacing traditional marketing methods by improving the targeting efforts of the brand. Here’s how:

  1. AI helps businesses identify trends from across sources such as the brands social media handles, reviews available online, the products e-commerce site, etc.
  2. It uses the data insights to create and distribute content to people who actually find it useful.
  3. AI based digital marketing helps companies develop ads that are more likely to convert and show it to people at the right time.

4. Predictive Analysis

AI helps businesses send optimal emails at the right time with the help of dynamic content and through the analysis of the customers behaviour. It makes sense of data such as the pages which the customer visited in the past, the blog posts they read, the emails they respond to. AI then uses that data to select the content that is more likely to resonate with the customer and automatically populates the email with it.

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Additionally, businesses make use of churn prediction to forecast the reasons due to which their brand is falling in popularity among its customer base. It also helps them to deliver tailormade content to the audience to woo them back.

Here are a couple of other ways in with AI driven analytics help companies to boost their digital marketing efforts:

  1. Pinpoint the factors that are working for or working against the brand.
  2. Improve the lead scoring process to find customers that are more likely to convert.

5. Improved Shopping Experience

  Thanks to all advancements in AI and Machine learning in digital marketing that customers are able to enjoy highly accurate product recommendations when shopping online, which saves them a lot of time and effort. In fact, E-commerce giant Amazon earns about a third of its revenue from their AI powered recommendations.

Recommendation engines process huge chunks of customer data to make sure their product recommendations are highly accurate. What’s notable is that with the help of AI businesses have the capacity to track the profile of millions and millions of customers in real-time.

AI technology, has also made possible for businesses to offer their customers advanced features that can help them visualise how the product will look when used by the customer. For example, when customers buy lipstick online, they can check virtually how it looks on them.

Future of Digital Marketing

The future of digital marketing is very promising, as AI powered tools will help them develop online marketing campaigns that are 100% optimized and yield better ROI. Digital marketing professionals will also be able to explore the full potential of machine learning to make their digital campaigns very successful.

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