In Need Of a Friendly App to Monitor Kid’s Phone?

Your kids want to be independent especially when it comes to their online commitments. Too much screen time is damaging and this is the parent’s biggest concern. Moreover, watching age-inappropriate stuff on the internet is also becoming very common which is not better for your child’s mental growth at all. Modern parents are facing this issue to an extent that was never seen before. This is because kids are using mobile at such an early age that their innocent minds can’t comprehend the complexity of things on the internet.

Parents should allow their kids to use mobile because this generation is the ‘Generation of Rebels’. When your kid strikes his teen, there are many hormonal or behavioral changes. Due to this, they become stubborn and fearless. So, you have to deal with calmness. One of the best methods is to download an app that can spy on your kid when you are not with them. TheOneSpy app to monitor kids’ phones is becoming so famous these days. Let’s read more about this amazing app.

Record Your Kid’s Phone Call

Maybe your children are spending too much time on the screen of their cellphones. You have to stay vigilant and see whom they are talking to. View all their incoming and outgoing calls and block the callers if they are annoying your child. Moreover, you can also record all their calls if something seems to be suspicious with this amazing app.

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See their Browsing History

A parent should have an open conversation with their kid. So that kids can trust them and not hide anything from them. But this thing is only true to some extent when we see that the kids are not telling truth to their parents even, though they have given them so much freedom. In such cases, this amazing app is here to monitor your kid’s phone.

Block Unnecessary Websites

According to an estimate, 75 percent of kids use cell phones. Some play games while others remain busy talking to their friends. Kids at this age trust easily and make so many friends. They can find online friends that can have a huge age difference from your kid on different websites. You can block such websites with the help of this app.

Check their SMS History

This amazing app allows you to check the SMS history on your kid’s device. You can check all the conversations they are doing with their friends.  If there is anything inappropriate you can immediately catch them on the spot.

Find the GPS Location

80 % of the parents remain worried that where their kids are going? Once they are out of the house, they lose every connection with them. But this wonderful app brings this amazing service of finding the GPS location. By which you can know the exact location of your kid wherever they are.

See their Downloads and Installed Apps

The awesome TheOneSpy app is here to monitor your kid’s mobile in a detailed way. You can even see their downloads and the app they have installed. If you find anything absurd or inappropriate, you can immediately block it.

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Watch Secret and Deleted Photos and Videos

This outstanding app allows you to see all the deleted photos and videos as in the case of Snapchat, where photos get deleted automatically. But now you can recover those videos and photos as well.

Monitor their Social Apps

A huge percentage of cyberbullying is directly related to social media. Because your kids have vast interaction here with people from all around the world. Sadly, it’s not written on anyone’s face what type of person they are. So, monitor your kid’s social accounts with this app as well

Spy on their Bookmarks and Calendars

Check if they are dating the wrong guy by keeping a strict eye on their calendars and bookmarks. This way you can save them from harmful strangers out there and help them if necessary.

So, if you want a child-friendly spy app to watch your kids out, then TheOneSpy app to monitor your kids’ phone is the best of all. You can use the android, Mac, and Windows versions in order to know about the kid’s life.

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