AI for Android Apps: Why Should Startups Consider This Tech? 

Do you know why several entrepreneurs around the globe prefer AI to provide the best user experience?

AI provides countless benefits for startups and businesses investing in their own applications. Although many technologies are available in the market, the way this tech grows and captures the market is commendable. 

Don’t you know that AI will be expected to cross 126 billion US dollars by 2025? Such growth will expand the door for you to get the ultimate exposure to business growth and height. 

Are you excited by reading this fact?

If yes, get ready to level your excitement while reading the rest of the guide because we will be learning some of the benefits that AI brings to businesses. 

Ensure to read throughout. Also, connect with the best android application development company that can build an app integrated with this tech. 

Now, let’s get started. 

Advantages of Integrating AI in Mobile App Development

From now on, we will be learning the top advantages of AI. 

  1. Quality Search

Voice search and image recognition are mostly used by users worldwide. Thanks to AI that help integrate this quality feature into our mobile apps. Most-used apps today like Google Lens are a perfect example of image recognition. The user is only required to click a photo to get similar research or gather information about the same.

Moreover, e-commerce apps can also earn profit by adding more convenience to their users’ lives and letting them find the perfect object while just putting a similar photo. And we all know how voice research eases the task while only listening to the questions raised by the users. 

  1. Emotion Recognition

Have you ever heard this before?

Emotion recognition is the technology used for reading human emotions. You can make the most of it by providing the users with a result that signifies their emotions. For example, you can make your app play music that goes well with your users’ current mood swings instead of letting them play any music. 

The way this feature of AI works is quite interesting. It brings results while interpreting the audio data and advanced image processing.

  1. Efficient App Authentication

As cyber threats are increasing efficiently, it becomes necessary today to develop robust solutions that stay ahead of this security threat. Fortunately, we have AI to deal with the same. So yes, it gets easier with this top-notch technology to prevent threats in real-time. 

Users will quickly get the upper hand while learning all the malicious activities and irregularities in apps. Thus, diminishing all chances for vulnerabilities. 

Isn’t it great?

You can witness lots more benefits with this effective technology. Ensure to connect with the best android application development company that can create a significant product. 

  1. Automated Reply

What do you mean by automated reply?

Let’s understand it with a simple example.

Every time there comes an email in the Gmail app. Google suggests some smart or auto-replies that we click on instead of typing the whole message. This automated reply feature eases our task and saves time being consumed in writing the entire text. Another best advantage of integrating AI. So, how about implementing this technology? 

  1. Facial Recognition

Isn’t it best to lock or unlock your smartphone while placing your face in front of the mobile screen? 

We are damn sure that you all had heard it before as Apple first launched it in 2017. However, it could not prove worthy because most users complain about its poor performance when they change or update their looks like wearing specs, having haircuts, putting on makeup, and any other formation with the face.

Luckily, we have the most upgraded facial recognition today with all the top-notch features and functionalities. You can easily unlock your smartphone, detect a cyber threat, enable restricted content for your children, and scan a patient’s face to know about the symptoms and thus create a diagnosis. 

  1. Chatbots

Most of us are aware of Chatbots abilities. While opening any application or website, we find a section that asks us to put our queries down, and we get the answers instantly. These chatbots work like customer executive service. However, this high-graded feature can harvest multiple benefits as it does not let you invest your capital in hiring a separate customer agent. You can still have the most as it is cost-effective with proven benefits. 

To Sum it Up!

So, these are the six benefits of integrating AI in mobile app development. We hope that the guide has resolved all your queries. However, if you want to raise more questions or doubts, ensure to comment to us. Also, you can ping us again if you are looking for further assistance and guidance from the top mobile app development company in India that can help you bring excellence to your product and skyrocket your growth. So, don’t hesitate. 

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