A Brief Review for Realme C12 and C15: BLP793 Model

Affordable Realme C12 and C15 smartphones are more similar than dissimilar. We already examined the Realme C12 and will now discuss the Realme C15, which is $1,000 more expensive and differs from it by having an additional 8MP wide-angle camera.

If you haven’t already noticed, several elements are at play that makes phones more expensive nowadays. You should moderate your expectations because the current sub-10,000 alternatives only provide entry-level hardware. A few alluring features of the Realme C15 include a quad-camera setup, a 6000mAh Blp793 Model battery, and. Is this a phone you ought to purchase? Let’s address it in our evaluation of the Realme C15.


Realme C15 Review


Design and Build

The Realme C15 is an attractive smartphone. Given the enormous 6000mAh battery onboard, it has a fashionable appearance and is surprisingly pleasant to hold. Realme chooses a square camera module and an accessible fingerprint reader. Of course, the back panel and frame are all plastic, as is standard in this price range. We’ve also seen this on previous Realme phones, which adds to the overall attractiveness. The rear has a rough feel.


The C15’s screen bezels aren’t very thin and sport a waterdrop notch. However, at this pricing point, this is to be anticipated. Although squishy, the volume rocker and power button were always within easy reach. The SD card has a specific slot for it. The mono speaker, micro-USB connector, and audio jack are all arranged in a row at the bottom. Overall, we are satisfied with the constructed quality and design.



The Realme C15’s display has the advantage of not being overtly blue. Although it might seem inconsequential, the blue tint that has come to be associated with inexpensive panels can be quite irritating and harsh on the eyes. The IPS LCD panel reproduces rich blacks and offers a lovely white point. The C15 display is very standard except for that. Given the HD quality, we had to cup our hands when using it in the light. The dynamic range and colours seem odd. Realme UI allows you to change colour temperature, but only one colour profile exists.


Since the programme lacks the DRM L1 certificate, you will only receive 480p SD quality on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, albeit it won’t matter much in this category.


Performance and Software

The MediaTek Helio G35 octa-core CPU in the Realme C15 is combined with up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The top variant is under test, and thus far, daily use has gone without a hitch. Although this phone is not designed for intense gaming, we could run demanding games at low settings. For instance, PUBG starts out at ‘Smooth – Medium’ and increases to ‘Balanced – Medium’. The performance is comparable to that of the Realme C12.


The fingerprint sensor is quite responsive and trustworthy. All the standard connectivity features, such as dual 4G VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling, are available on the Realme C15. We had no problems with call quality. We find the Realme UI to have a clean layout and appreciate the overall style. But it’s not light skin, and the edges are still harsh. And then there are the pre-installed third-party applications and advertisements.



This is where inexpensive phones typically fall short. We didn’t have high expectations going into this review, and nothing unexpected happened. Here, the camera’s performance is about average. Daylight photographs can capture enough information. The programme tends to be careless with sharpness, and colours are frequently oversaturated. The camera quality rapidly declines in dimly illuminated environments. The camera samples on our monitor appear better than on the phone’s screen. Therefore, the additional sensor on the C15 instead of the C12 is not all that advantageous.


Battery and Audio

Excellent battery backup is provided. A 6000mAh Blp793 Model battery may easily last a day and a half in real-world use. The Realme C15 has a quicker 18W charger in the box than the C12. The bottom speaker’s audio output is really weak. However, headphone audio is acceptable.


The Verdict

Realme C15’s base model costs 9,999, but if money is tight, you might choose the Realme C12 instead without giving up anything. The Realme Narzo 10 is an alternative for the same price as the highest 4G RAM model, which costs $10,999. Overall, the Realme C15 is a reasonable phone, and the experience is comparable to what you would now obtain at this price point. The phone has a stylish look, a respectable display for the money, and should work well for people who aren’t very demanding. For more, please Read Latest Technology News Here at TechnoSports. Visit the website now!

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