7 Tips For Marketing With Influencers

We all know the roles influencers play in today’s marketing. We will go straight. Check these 7 tips for marketing with influencers.

1. Product Evaluation

This is the most basic form of overseas influencer marketing. After finding an influencer that is highly relevant to your product, reach out to them for cooperation, and hopefully, they can create a video about your product. Some influencers hope to provide the wording for the video. Internet celebrities want their own real evaluation instead of publicity. The first is advertising, and the second is more real.

Benefit: With this method, you can interact directly with your audience and have the opportunity to communicate your brand message and answer questions. It’s also a great way to stand out from your competitors and connect with your target audience.

2. Resend the evaluation video

You can put the following comments about the brand in the unpacking evaluation video in your own store or official account, or you can request the Internet celebrity to forward it or invite the Internet celebrity to record the evaluation video separate for use in various channels Benefits: In this way, you can get the evaluation videos from foreign influencers and send them to various channels for brand promotion.

For example, you are an Amazon store, and consumers will search for your store on Amazon. After entering, they will see the evaluation of the influencer, which will greatly increase the consumer’s desire to buy.

3. Lucky Draw/Gift Vouchers

With the emergence of a large number of brands, people’s requirements for brands are becoming higher and higher, so it is becoming more and more difficult for brands to arouse the interest of potential consumers, especially for those brands that have not yet gained an advantage in the market. So the best thing you can do is keep reminding your audience about your brand. Raffling or giving coupons is the best way.

What prizes or services are you going to send to everyone? Or what kind of coupons? You can ask overseas influencers to share the news with their fans. Benefits: In this way, you can attract a large and active audience, let the brand flourish everywhere, and increase user loyalty and desire to purchase. Besides, influencer fans share information about giveaways or coupons with their friends. This will again create a word-of-mouth affect.

4. Brand ambassador

This is an important part of influencer marketing. Whether at home or abroad, before buying something, everyone will look at the brands and experiences recommended by various social media influencers, and finally choose the brand recommended by the influencer.

When influencers become brand ambassadors, they regularly present brand products, spread the brand image, etc. Slowly, your fans will identify with the brand, and the presence of ambassadors will increase the stability of the brand. Benefits: In this way, ambassadors can increase brand awareness, brand reputation, and audience loyalty. and have a positive impact on sales. The ambassadors tell consumers about the news of all the brands.

5. Vacation

At first glance, this form of influencer marketing may seem only available to travel agencies, hotels, and airlines, but it is far from the truth. Many have used this form of marketing with influencers: beauty brands and internet celebrities on vacation in different countries for a few days; car companies that organize internet celebrity tours in Europe; clothing brands that take photos with internet celebrities during their travels.

Internet celebrity fans love events like this. Benefit: This way, first, the influencer regularly mentions the brand while traveling. Second, the format is very popular, and the public enjoys watching travel videos. Also, this will increase the engagement of your target audience and attract new audiences.

6. Blog

In addition to being active on popular social platforms, foreign friends also use blogs as the most trusted source of information online. Therefore, brands can also consider partnering with influential bloggers. Partnerships with bloggers generally come in two forms: one is a post about your brand’s product or service, the content is focused on your brand, and it can also include exclusive discount codes or personalized gifts for purchases.

Another is when a blogger mentions her brand in a product or service review article, including multiple related brands, including her own. Some bloggers get paid. Others don’t. So when you send emails or private messages, don’t talk about how to collaborate. When the blogger replies, explains the terms of cooperation. Benefits: In this form of marketing with influencers, the brand’s promotion channels are expanded, and orders are increased. The blogs are all in text form, which is more suitable for readers who love to read.

7. Take charge of the account

Instead of constantly striving to create compelling content, you can partner with influencers to take control. Account takeover is a relatively new type of influencer marketing, in which an influencer takes over your brand’s account and posts content on your behalf, or you can ask the influencer to send you content and images of Headlines. This can be posted in her name, and when you take over the account depends on her decision to work with influencers abroad.

Benefits: Influencer acquisitions are fun and beneficial for brands in this way, as influencer content is more effective than content created by your brand. For acquisitions, it’s important to choose an influencer you’ve worked with or trust.


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