7 Amazing Web APIs That Can Make Website Perfect

Web APIs (Application Programming Interface) are a set of subroutine protocols, tools and definitions to build software, a website or an application. With the help of a web API, the developers can easily get access to specific features of the website. While developing a website, we can get access to a web API by using an HTTP protocol. There are lots of web APIs on the internet. You can use them to integrate some powerful features into your website. To get access to the web APIs on the internet, we have to use web-specific protocols. If you want to add some specific features to your website, you can also use web APIs. Here, we will discuss the best web APIs that you can use to make website development perfect.

FullScreen API:

As a web developer, if you want to present the full screen of your web to the users, you can use this web API. Before taking it over the screen, you will have to get permission from the users. An API works well by creating an element. When you will use it, it will occupy the full screen. You can also use it to eliminate on-screen elements. After eliminating the on-screen elements, you can ensure a distraction-free experience for the users. If you are starting your career as a blogger, it is one of the best web APIs for you. By using this web API, you can enable the full-screen mode for the visitors. After enabling the full-screen mode for the visitors, the readers can read your blog without facing the problems of the extraneous content.

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Web Speech API:

If you want to add speech synthesis and speech recognition to your web app, this is the best API for you. When you will utilize it on your website, you can issue the voice commands on your website. It will work like Google Speech. By using Google Speech, we can easily provide voice commands. By using Web Speech API, we can also convert text to speech and speech to text. After implementing it on your website, you will get a simple input field. After implementing this input field, you can receive the input text. You will also receive a button to execute the speech action. When we will type text in the input speech box, this text will appear aloud in the speaker.

Battery Status API:

If you want to provide an optimal experience to the users, you will have to know about their devices regularly. Here, we have to make use of the Battery Status API. You will have to set some particular conditions in the code. By following these conditions, it allows the users to get access to the battery status of the users. This API will provide access to four different battery conditions to the devices of the users. These four battery conditions are charging, level, discharging time and charging time. Based on the code, it will also show the time that requires for charging and discharging your device. If the battery level of your device is below the threshold, you can turn off some data streaming services.

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Facebook Messenger API:

Sometimes, you want to build Facebook Messenger API on your website. Under such a situation, you can make use of the Facebook Messenger web APIs. This API allows webmasters to include this option in their websites. You can also use it to increase the interaction of the bots with your website. When you will queue up the bots for the visitors, visitors don’t need to wait to connect with the real people. With the help of this API, you can increase the user experience of your website. If you don’t enable this API on your website, your visitors have to wait for minutes to connect with real persons. This thing will not last a positive impact on the visitors of your website.

Page Visibility API:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, if you want to know the current status of the page, Page Visibility API is the best choice for you. This API will allow the users to get an idea about the current status of the users. After knowing the current status of the users, you can control the sources of your website. For example, if your website is in the background for some time, you can easily put it in the suspended mode. It is the best way to save both the energy and bandwidth of your website. This API is also offering a unique feature to the users. This unique feature is Visibility Change. When you will enable this feature on your website, you can increase the usability of your website on all devices.

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Vibration API:

Sometimes, we wait for notifications or physical feedback from a website. In this situation, we have to get notification of the new data or physical feedback. After getting the notification, we have to respond to this notification. To receive these notifications, we can’t show attention on the website all the time. The best way to get instant notification of the feedbacks is to enable this API. To describe the pattern of the vibration, we can use a number or an array of numbers. For example, you can allow the device to vibrate for 200ms. After vibrating for 200ms, your device will stop.

WebSocket API:

It is one of the most useful HTML5 web APIs for users. By using this API, you can enable the socket connection between the server and the browser. With the help of this API, you can create a persistent experience between the server and the client. The clients can easily use it to transfer the data. Here, webmasters can make use of two methods. The first method is the send (). By using this method, you can send the data to the server. The second method is the close (). You can use this method to close the connection. To further refine the connection, webmasters can also use their attributes. They can also use them to trigger the events in special conditions. Along with these APIs, you can also use the link prefetching API. It is the best API to provide a fluid experience to the users.


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