6 Secrets To Improve Your Chipping Instantly

Most golfers spend most of their time agonizing over their full swing. This is understandable given the need to get the ball 400 or so yards to the green in as few shots as possible. However, many players overlook the importance of chipping as a way of shaving a few more shots off their score. A well-placed chip from the fringe can put you in some awesome putting positions. Imagine how much less pressure you will feel knowing that even if you miss the green from your approach you still have a very good chance of getting down in two. Who is to say you won’t hole a few of those chips? Read on to find out how to perfect your chipping technique and add another weapon to your game.

Chip shots are usually mis-hit due to a poor setup. You are looking to hit down on the ball rather than scoop it up. The fatal flaw is to let the clubhead get ahead of your hands. If you thin the golf ball or overhit it then this is probably why.

1) Stand over the ball with your legs close together. You want as little movement as possible in your body apart from your shoulders and arms. Aim your shoulders and feet left of the target. This open stance allows your shoulders to get around when you strike the ball.

2) Have the ball toward the back of your stance. Earlier we mentioned that you want to avoid scooping the ball – this will help you create a steeper and more downward blow to the golf ball.

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3) Your hands should be ahead of the ball. Remember, we don’t want the clubhead to hit the ball ahead of your hands. To guide you let the handle of the club rest against your forward thigh. This is the position you want to start your hands.

4) Place the majority of your weight over your front foot. Again, this helps you promote a downward blow to the ball. Maintain your weight in this position for the entire swing.

Chipping Instantly

5) The swing has similarities to putting in that you are looking for a pendulum-like movement. The backswing should be as long as they follow through. However, you need to make sure that you use the body to create momentum rather than your arms and wrists. Like the full swing lead with your shoulder rotation. Remember to maintain the v-shape between your arms and hands throughout the swing motion – this ensures that the body leads. Under no circumstances should you allow the wrists to dominate as this is a sure-fire way to fluff the chip.

6) The ideal chip is one where the ball is in the air for as little time as possible and is rolling on the green for as long as possible. This will be determined by the type of club you use. Too many golfers use the pitching wedge for all chips. Consider how far from the green you are to select the correct lofted club so you can clear the fringe. The pitching wedge will create more loft so this is better if you are further back. As a rule of thumb, the pitching wedge will fly the ball for 50% of the shot and it will roll for the remaining 50%. As you move lower through the clubs there will be less flight and more roll. To understand this better practice your technique with different clubs and see what the effect on the ball is.

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Using these tips you will rapidly improve your chipping. What was once a lottery will now become a genuine opportunity to attack the cup at each green you narrowly miss. Click to Golf in Hamburg

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