5 Different Types of Writing Styles Bloggers Can Adopt

Blogging and writing is an art, it is learned and improved over time. With practice one can learn to write in professional way and in different styles. No matter what type of blog you are writing. You always adopt a writing style to share your information to the readers. There are different type of writing styles, we are going to discuss a few in today’s blog.

  • Persuasive Writing Style.
  • Narrative Writing Style.
  • Expository Writing Style.
  • Descriptive Writing Style.
  • Writing in the form of Poetry.

Persuasive Writing Style

It is a type of writing style which is used to convince the reader on something. It starts with an “opinion” about something and discusses what he feels about that topic. Then is followed by reasons to support that opinion. Then comes the examples, to provide more support to the opinion. Once the writer feels he has given enough reasons to justify his opinion. Then he restate the opinion to close the topic.

For example: instagram likes is more fun to use than Facebook?

Why? Because user interface is more attractive, images share information more easily than texts, more over Instagram reels feature and image editing feature are handier to use. Finally it attracts more followers than other applications.

Narrative Writing Style

Narrative writing style tells a story. It’s the most used way of writing. It starts with the beginning where story plot and all the characters are discussed. After a good start of story it come towards the middle where atmosphere is discussed, the body of story.  Like what characters are doing, the actions they are doing and how their surroundings look like etc.

The dialogues in this type of writing are given emphasis. Then comes the plot twist where a problem emerges. How characters will tackle that problem and along with that problem a lesson is given. Once the problem is solved then comes the conclusion and the story is ended.

This one of the way a narrative story is written, there can be any way person writes story and add their creativity to it. The story can be fiction not fiction. It depends upon the writer.

Narrative writing not only includes story writing it also includes autobiographies and historical texts.

A blogger can narrate a problem is the form of story within his texts in order to increase more engagement on social media so that his followers finds something interesting and catchy to read.

Expository Writing Style

This type of text is more informative. Basically a topic is picked up by the writer and information is provided to larger audience to make them learn a specific topic. Its purpose is more educational towards the audience.

A topic is chosen, proper research is done, document draft is made and then final touches and polishing article is done.

A few types of expository writing style are:

  • Problem and Solution.
  • Cause and Effect.
  • Compare and Contrast.
  • Definition and Classification.
  • How to’s articles.

The most commonly used writing style by bloggers is How To’s videos. Like: How to get more likes on Instagram, How to Create an Instagram Story, How to get more story views etc.

Descriptive Writing Style

Descriptive story tells the readers detailed description of the setting. The basic purpose is to describe the place, event in way that reader feels he is actually present at the moment. If you are writing a story it should be described in a way that a reader has a better understanding of the event taking place in the story.

With the use of five senses the reader is made feel that he’s actually the part of story.

Example: In the chilled middle night, all alone she took the steps rapidly towards the bridge when she suddenly heard someone calling her name.

Here weather, surroundings and character and a scene is told in just one and a half sentence and the reader would feel he’s in the scene already, behind that girl, feeling cold.

Writing in the form of Poetry

There isn’t a better way to express our feelings than in the form of poetry.  Poetry has a different way of sharing complex ideas in ways that touches reader’s heart and mind. The ideas that can’t be expressed in other words can be expressed in better way through poetry. Poetry also falls under the heading of creative writing.

The melodious sounds of birds.

The freezing breeze of air.

The sparkling waters near by.

Beautiful, majestic and awe-inspiring.

Since the older times people loved poetry, there still are a lot of people reading and writing poetry. Or we could say the poetry has taken birth in new form with this generation, a lot young writers have made poetry blogs where they share their idea in the form of arts and blogs. We still see a bloggers on Instagram sharing there content with poetry in their captions and getting more likes on instagram, their like count is increased based on the love of poetry people have and how that touches readers heart and speaks out their mind.

Writing is fun and one can express themselves and their thoughts through writing more easily. You can choose to write in whatever style suits you there isn’t any rule to write in one specific way. You can either choose to write in Narrative way descriptive or you can even use the combination of two.

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