5 Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a significant challenge for everyone as health awareness grows. We now inhabit a world that is preoccupied with diets. The ideal approach to lose weight, according to many extreme diets that generate headlines. It might be complicated to determine the best strategy to lose those excess pounds due to the abundance of information. Ayurveda is here to help you if the accessibility of several diets further overwhelms you. In this blog, we will discuss ayurvedic tips for weight loss. 

Ayurvedic Perspective on Weight

An overall objective of Ayurveda is the prevention and management of the disease. The approach used by Ayurveda is comprehensive, sustainable, and, most importantly, customized. For instance, even if they may both be overweight, fasting for a brief period of time may be advised for some people or may be recommended for some people or may be harmful to others. A thorough Ayurvedic Consultation considers a person’s lifestyle, present imbalances, emotional and mental health, genetic and social background, and health condition. It tackles the underlying causes of weight gain and related problems and suggests short-term and long-term dietary and lifestyle adjustments. This is how Ayurveda has an advantage in aiding weight loss and maintenance. 


Ayurveda has successfully treated weight reduction for hundreds of years due to its comprehensiveness. In Ayurveda, obesity is referred to as Sthoulyam. According to Ayurveda, the metabolism of adipose tissue is reportedly disrupted by an imbalance of the digestive fire (Agni) and impurities (Ama). Ama also obstructs the pathways of body tissues, vitiating Vata Dosha, the energy concept of the ether and air components. This unbalanced Vata interferes with the digestion process and makes you hungry. Obesity is brought on by this, along with poor fat metabolism. The energy component of water and earth components, the Kapha Dosha, is vitiated by an excessive intake of sweet, fatty, and cold foods, promoting fat precipitation.  Also,10 diabetes skin problems you should know.

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Here are some of the Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss


Eat Kapha pacifying diets

Usually, being overweight results from too much Kapha, which can lead to commitment, greed, reluctance to change, drowsiness, excessive sleep, heaviness in the mind and body, constipation, depression, dull metabolic activity, and water retention, among other things. In all these areas, eating a Kapha pacifying diet can bring about change by assisting the body in obtaining a more balanced weight while enhancing general health. A Kapha pacifying diet focuses on light, warming, dry, rough, and easily digestible foods to balance out excess Kapha. In general, pick fresh, natural food that is in-season rather than processed goods or cold, stale items. In addition, several other techniques can successfully eliminate excess Kapha. We have developed two resources to assist you in harmonizing Kapha with your food. 



Drinking water might increase your body’s metabolic and calorie expenditure, ultimately aiding in weight management. Water consumption is linked to drops in body weight, waist size, and body fat percentage. Increasing energy expenditure while resting with enough water each day, you burn calories more quickly. Warm water and water are advised by Ayurveda to be consumed between meals. Ama, or toxins, tend to build up in the body due to external factors like pollution, poor food choices, etc. Ama is supposed to have a sticky consistency and dissolve readily in hot water. 


Mindful diet

Keep in mind that Shadrasa, a clasped hand measurement for portion size, when eating three nutritious meals regularly. Avoid snacking, have a large lunch and a light breakfast, take a short walk after each meal, and wait until the food has been digested before moving on to the next meal or bed. Recall the daily and seasonal regimens, Dinacharya and Ritucharya. According to Ayurveda, eating seasonally and regionally is the most excellent method to reduce weight. To stay invigorated and breezy throughout the sweltering summers, one must consume a high-carbohydrate diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables. To keep us warm during the winter, root vegetables, nuts, seeds, meats, and cheese are ideal. 

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Eat Slowly

Various ways of eating slowly aids in weight loss. It encourages feeling full and a cue frequently overlooked while eating quickly and swallowing the food. When you try to complete your food quickly, there is an excellent likelihood that you may overeat. This is because our stomachs do not have enough time to alert our brains when they are complete—chewing food thoroughly before swallowing aids calorie restriction and weight loss. According to the results of numerous studies, persons who struggle with their weight do not chew their meals as well as other people. 



Organize your heavy workload to allow yourself some workout time. People who regularly engage in physical activity typically have better metabolic activity and are more effective at burning excess body fat. Run, swim, stroll, or engage in any other physical activity requiring full-body movement. Early morning, when the body is just beginning to resume its regular pace, is the most significant time to engage in these physical activities. 


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