Top 15 Most Expensive Phones in the World till 2022

Did you know that there are some of the highest-priced mobiles constructed in the world up to 2022? I am sure this list will leave you be amazed at the prices of the phones on the list below.

Are you aware of what is undoubtedly the most important and widely used gadget in our time? There’s only one name for it smart assistant that you carry around every day, mobile phones. The world of mobile phones is becoming better every day, and manufacturers are competing to provide the most recent features, as well as creating new levels of luxury.

The world is becoming more sophisticated than ever before and more of us will be using $2000plus USD mobile phones by 2022. Because these devices aren’t solely for display purposes, they provide us with extra features that phones can’t offer. It doesn’t mean we will be telling that the standard-priced phones are not worth it in this article.

If you’re looking for modern, high-end smartphones, then check out this high-priced and latest smartphone available today. We will display all the custom mobile phones made on earth until 2022. They will come with a price tag, and only to display and share their lavish lifestyles.

What is the reason these costly mobile phones were created?

It’s a scene of passion and interest. Imagine people today collecting planes, helicopters cars, etc, just as a way to have fun. If you’re interested, then you should check out our latest piece on the most expensive hobbies around the world I’m certain you’ll be stunned at how the most luxurious people around the globe are spending billions of dollars on the hobbies just for the sake of it.

Let’s look at the most expensive mobile phones around the globe in 2022.

Mobile PhonesManufacturerPrice
Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink DiamondApple$48.5 Million
iPhone 4S Elite GoldApple$9.4 Million
Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond RoseApple$8 Million
Goldstriker iPhone 3GS SupremeApple$3.2 Million
iPhone 3G Kings ButtonApple$2.5 Million
Goldvish Le MillionGoldvish$1.3 Million
Diamond Crypto SmartphoneJSC Ancort$1.3 Million
Gresso Luxor Las Vegas JackpotGresso$1 Million
Goldvish RevolutionGoldvish$490K
Vertu Signature CobraVertu$310K
Black Diamond VIPN SmartphoneSony Ericsson$300K
Savelli Emerald NightSavelli$250k
iPhone Princess PlusApple$176K
Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Max Diamond Christmas StarApple$176K
Dior ReverieDior$102K
Most Expensive Phones in the World Price Chart

01. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

Price: $48.5 Million
Manufacturer: Apple
Headquarters: United States
Created for distribution by FalconFalcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diam

most expensive phone in the world 2022

The most expensive and expensive phone on the planet, The Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink diamond! It’s a customized version of the iPhone 6. It was created by the iPhone 6 designed by US luxury brand Falcon. The gadget is made of high-end materials and gemstones that are adorned with rose gold, 24-carat gold, or platinum cases. Prior to the decision to go with pink for the most current model, it was available in three shades. It is possible to choose lower-priced versions, such as Orange Diamond and Blue Diamond. The only person who owns this is Nita Ambani who is the well-known wife of Asia’s wealthiest man, Mukesh Ambani.

02. iPhone 4S Elite Gold

Price: $9.4 Million
Manufacturer: Apple
Headquarters: United States
Created by Stuart HughesiPhone 4S Elite Gold

most expensive mobile in the world 2022

It’s surprising that the most expensive smartphone in the world in 2019 is worth nearly five times the cost of the second phone on the list. Stuart Hughes again manages to delight everyone with his magnificent creation, the iPhone 4S Elite Gold. The handset is packed with 500 diamonds that weigh more than 100 carats. The most exciting aspect that this handset has is 24-carat gold that covers the back panel as well as the Apple logo and 53 additional diamonds scattered around the region. And guess what? It comes with a chest that houses a Platinum block with fragments of the original dinosaur bone as well as additional rare and precious stones.

03. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

Price: $8 Million
Manufacturer: Apple
Headquarters: United States
Created by Stuart HughesStuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

most expensive phone in the world 2022

This phone was created by Stuart Hughes is among the top three most expensive luxury phones of 2019. The model is adorned with 500 diamonds which makes it 100 carats total. The Apple logo Apple is adorned with 53 diamonds, and the button that starts it is made by an extremely very rare 7.4-carat one-cut diamond. The chest of the device is made from one block of Granite that weighs 7 kgs.

04. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Price: $3.2 Million
Manufacturer: Apple
Headquarters: United States
Distributed byGoldstriker
The was created by Stuart HughesGoldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

most expensive mobile in the world 2022

The handset that is a luxury one is among the most famous gadgets developed by British designer Stuart Hughes and his company Goldstriker. It has 271 grams of pure 22-carat solid gold, over 200 diamonds, including 53 that were used in the Apple logo Apple as well as a 7.1-carat diamond that is featured on the button that starts. The handset’s chest has a granite block and also. It was designed initially to be used by an Australian businessman, and it has since been an extremely extravagant and luxurious phone on the planet.

05. iPhone 3G Kings Button

Price: $2.5 Million
Manufacturer: Apple
Headquarters: United States
Created by Peter AlissoniPhone 3G Kings Button

most expensive phone in the world 2022

Australian jeweler Peter Aloisson again managed to amaze us with his incredible invention Apple iPhone Kings Button. The phone is a real jewel. It is made up of 18 karats of white, yellow, as well as rose gold. Its white strip has an astounding 138 diamonds that have been brilliantly cut. The button that starts it has 6.6-carat diamonds. With the addition of this phone iPhone has taken another step towards absolute glory.

06. Goldvish Le Million

Price: $1.3 Million
Manufacturer: Goldvish
Headquarter: Switzerland
The design was created by Emmanuel GuestGoldvish Le Million

most expensive mobile in the world 2022

Le Million model of the Swiss top-of-the-line cell phone manufacturer is possibly the most expensive product they have created. It is unique in its design which adds an attractive appeal to its design. The handset was once listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive handset worldwide. It’s made of 18 carats of white gold. It also has 120 carats of diamonds VVS-1. It features a 2-megapixel camera and 2GB of internal memory. Although it’s not the most expensive phone, it’s still top of the line and has remained popular all over the world.

07. Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Price: $1.3 Million
Manufacturer: JSC Ancort
Headquarter: London, United Kingdom
Created by Peter AlissonDiamond Crypto Smartphone

most expensive phone in the world 2022

The phone is designed with the logo of rose gold and solid platinum. The phone is made up of 50 diamonds which include precious blue diamonds. The navigation keys are made of rose gold and have a round diamond ring with 28. The phone is distinct from others due to its highly secure encryption technology. The wooden ornaments of the phone are constructed of polished Macassar ebony. The phone is based on CE Window.

08. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Price: $1 Million
Manufacturer: Gresso
Headquarters: Miami, United States
Created by GressoGresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

most expensive mobile in the world 2022

Gresso is famous for its extravagant and expensive mobile phones, but it took it to a new level when it introduced its Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. The million-dollar device is composed of a variety of black diamonds and more than 180 grams of pure gold. This black screen is constructed from one of the oldest and most expensive pieces of wood that exist, which was taken out of an African tree with more than 200 years of history. The keypad is comprised of 17 hand-polished and laser-etched sapphires, weighing 32k.

09. Goldvish Revolution

Price: $490k USD
Brand: Goldvish
Brand Country: Switzerland
Year: 2009
Attractions Gold 18k white and rose 29 Carats diamonds Fine leather, sapphire display case
specifications: 2.2-inch display, phone Memory, Memory cards, Bluetooth, USB, Messaging, Games, Lithium Batteries Video 3GP MP4 1000 group contacts allow incoming calls, etc.Goldvish Revolution

most expensive phone in the world 2022

Goldvish Revolution also has the highest position as the most expensive and extravagant phone! The phone is an original with a bizarre combination of Mobiado as well as Motorola Aura. It is a luxurious device that comes with an electronic watch (which is its most exciting feature) and a phone within the same device. It is made of brilliantly sparkling gold and diamonds. With the most fashionable design ever, this phone has been designed extremely. It has a good design feature and some stunning features. In pursuit of the Guinness World record, Goldvish has unveiled its Revolution Candybar version Candybar which is unique and unbeatable.

10. Vertu Signature Cobra

Price: $310K USD
Manufacturer: Vertu
Headquarters: England, United Kingdom
Created by BucheronVertu Signature Cobra

most expensive mobile in the world 2022

The phone was designed by the joint venture between the mobile phone company Vertu as well as the luxury jewelry company Bucheron. They developed the world’s first luxury limited handsets made of precious stones and gold. Vertu Signature Cobra was the first handset that costs less than a million dollars in the top tier of expensive and expensive phones. It’s a common cellphone that has been adorned with precious stones and gold. The greatest thing about it is that customers can purchase it in various designs based on their personal preferences.

11. Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone

Price: $300K USD
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Distributed by: VPN
Designer: Jaren GohBlack Diamond VIPN Smartphone

most expensive phone in the world 2022

The style that is Black Diamond VIPN smartphone is unique. Black Diamond VIPN smartphone was originally based on Sony Ericsson but is now accessible through the company known as VPN. It is unique from other expensive and expensive smartphones due to its vintage-looking appearance. This phone has an elegant gold-colored cover that is adorned with a costly black diamond. With a 4-megapixel camera, OLED display, intuitive touchscreen interface for users, and 128 MB of internal memory, this phone maintains the elegance of the aristocratic past of smartphones before it.

12. Savelli Emerald Night

Price: $250k USD
Brand: Savelli
Brand Country: Switzerland
Year: 2009
Attractions 12.5-carat diamonds. 18-carat white gold 4.5 carats of emeralds
Information: 3.2in display with Sapphire Glass 32GB storage 5MP Camera, Selfie Camera, 3G Internet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 18K gold 3cts Emeralds, ceramic anthracite satin, and rubber.Savelli Emerald Night

most expensive mobile in the world 2022

With gold and 18k gold, Savelli Emerald Night is the most expensive smartphone anywhere on the globe. Of the 11 different designs of Savelli Emerald Night, it is the Emerald Night is literally slaying due to its specifications. The extravagant device is with the intention of attracting stylish women who enjoy wearing luxurious. It is amazingly handmade using 4000 gems, including baguette cut gemstones. The phone is outfitted with a display made with ultra Bombay sapphire. The device is only available in limited versions this elegant device is an ideal phone for women.

13. iPhone Princess Plus

Price: $176k USD
Brand: Apple
Brand Country: United States
Year: 2008
Attractions Top quality diamonds of 318 carats and 18k gold
Information: 3.5-inch Touch Screen display, 2 MP camera 8GB RAM, Mac OS, Weight 135g, and more.iPhone Princess Plus

most expensive phone in the world 2022

There are a variety of things that are assumed simply by the phone’s name. It’s hard to believe how many carats of gold and diamonds are encrusted on the iPhone Princess Plus phone. About 318 diamonds in addition to 17.75 carats of gold and diamonds are encrusted on the phone. The beauty that flashes is so valuable that it is one of the top-priced phones, amongst others.

The person who owns the phone is a Russian businessman who likes to have things that are customized and extravagant in appearance. The features of the phone are very similar to the other handsets of the iPhone. But, nothing is able to match the attractive design and the premium cost that the iPhone has.

14. Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Max Diamond Christmas Star

Price: $137k USD
Brand: Apple
Brand Country: United States
Year: 2021
Attractions Gold of white and yellow of 750. Diamonds of 9.25 millimeters.
Information: 6.5 inches, OLED Super Retina, Super Retina HDR display triple 12MP ultra wide A13 Bionic chip and iOS 13.Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Max Diamond Christmas Star

most expensive mobile in the world 2022

The Caviar iPhone 11 pro max is an absolute stunner because the diamond in the center of the back of the phone signifies numerous things. In essence, the phone was designed to symbolize Jesus Christ as he was led by Jesus Christ and the Star of Bethlehem which is the primary concept of the entire phone design. The phone is adorned with an elegant design and its entire back is covered with gold. Even the design is a strong call to an attractive setting. The center of the frame is the brightest diamond which has a value of 3 carats. The frame is finished with gold encrust and diamonds.

15. Dior Reverie

Price: $102k USD
Brand: Dior
Brand Country: France
Year: 2011
Attractions 1.539 diamonds. 18-carat white gold
Specifications: 3.2” screen, 5MP camera, microSD card slot, 900 mAh Battery, weighs 137 grams, etc.Dior Reverie

most expensive phone in the world 2022

Another expensive phone is the Dior Reverie which is designed to appeal to fashion-conscious and high-end customers. With an extensive selection of menus and apps, the phone has a multi-touch LED flat screen. The technology inside this phone is laudable. The phone is built with galleries and animations.

Dior Reverie Dior Reverie allows its user to feel the joy that comes from using the highest quality and most amazing materials available. With the highest quality of craftsmanship quality, the device can be used to create materials like gold, diamond sapphire crystals, pearl, and more! Purchase of the Dior Reverie having a feature of unibody style is an idealized dream!

Final Thoughts

They have created an entirely new level of luxury to be searched for. With their features based on their needs, the phones bring a more sophisticated and elegant look to their use. It also shows the beauty technology can be. technology can be and it still has a lot to offer.

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